oliver vartiainen

programming, scripting, systems and such


My name is Oliver. I write software because it's rewarding.


I’m mostly adept at web services, APIs, databases and data massage. I do front-end business on demand. I also know a bit about natural languages and linguistics.


Right now, I work at Kodan, a software development company, as a developer.

I used to work in a similar position at Weave in a full-stack project with IoT and cloud components.

My first programming job was at a mobility-as-a-service company called 24Rent, maintaining and extending a backend for hundreds of vehicles in constant communication.


I know a bunch of languages. I’m fluent in Ruby, JavaScript, PHP and Lua and know Go, Clojure, Java and C#, though I prefer not to think in languages but in concepts. I know various tools and services, such as Git, Redis and React.


See my github and drop me an email at oliver@iki.fi